What is S-K-A-T-E?

Just like HORSE in basketball, players set their opponent up to repeat a trick or take a letter. First player to get all 5 letters of SKATE is out! Usually played on flatground.

What Division would I enter?

Sponsored: Skaters must be sponsored by a skate shop, clothing or hardgoods company. No professionals.

Unsponsored: Anyone not currently getting product or flow by a sponsor.

What obstacles are we playing on?

We'll be playing on flatground and on the 14" ledge (pictured) in the middle of the park. All other obstacles will be blocked off for the evening so people can watch and not get in the way.

What tricks are allowed?

Flatground: All flatground tricks that do not involve stationary motion (pogos, primo, 360s, etc.) will be allowed. Foot down or grab tricks are allowed in the Unsponsored Division only. Sponsored Division may NOT use any trick that has the foot on the ground AND the board in the hand at the same time (think about that for a moment).

Ledge: All ledge tricks must slide/grind/manual or somehow traverse the ledge in a parallel direction (ie NO stalls). Absolutely no foot down or grab tricks for either division.

What counts as a "landed trick"?

Offense: While on offense (when you are picking the trick) you must first call your trick by letting the other skater know what you are going to do. The trick must be landed clean with a clear roll away. Stopped landings, toe drags, or step offs will not count as a landed trick.

Defense: While on defense (when you are attempting your opponent's trick) the rider must land the trick and keep rolling. Toe drags and tick-tacks are ok (within reason) if the rider keeps the momentum. But this is up to the riders to decide for themselves if their trick counted.

Do we get any chances?

We will take a vote of the riders in your division to decide if chances are allowed. (chances are a one time "redo" during a match).

Can I enter both Ledge and Flat?

Yes, but you will have to pay for both. We will break up divisions and let Sponsored Ledge go first while Unsponsored Flat goes and then switch.

How many chances do we get to keep going?

Once you lose a match, you will be out of the running. There will be too many riders to do double elimination. But there will be more Games of Skate and it's all to raise cash for the park!

Where is Lakewood Skatepark?

Head straight north on Warren Road (West 150th) from I-90. Make a right on Clifton and a Left on Belle Ave. Lakewood Park is dead ahead. Click here for a map.

Can I just skate around?

During the contests, all other obstacles will be blocked off. Only skaters signed up to compete will be allowed to ride. Sorry.